Tuesday, May 10, 2011

US Army 1st Lt. Demetrius Frison

US Army officer, 1st Lieutenant Demetrius Frison was killed by a bomb in Afghanistan on Tuesday 10th May 2011.

Lt. Frison, aged 26, was serving his first combat tour in Afghanistan when he was killed, said his wife, Mikki, 25. He left for Afghanistan on 9th January.

He graduated from Parkway Northwest High School and received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Millersville University. His wife also graduated from Millersville with a bachelor's degree in psychology. He was promoted to first lieutenant on 10th April, his birthday.


  1. Mikki, and to the Frison family I hear of this news everyday and flip the station and turn the page because in ways these brave men and women are names but unknown to me , THIS hero is known to me and knowing you from years young to the lady you are today this pains me deeply,I pray for your families peace.


  2. rest in peace hero
    Richard lule-UG

  3. Hey Mikki it is 1LT BRIAN RECOMA. I went to bolc 2 with him. If you dont remember, i was one of the guys that came over when you guys got the new apartment in Fort Benning. Please give me a call at 6153102706. If there is anything i can do please let me know.


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