Friday, December 19, 2008

3 Danish Hussars killed by land mine

Sergeant Jacob Moe Jensen, konstabel Sebastian La Cour Holm and konstabel Benjamin Davie Sala Rasmussen lost their lives when they were engaged in what they have done so many times before. Namely, to escort logistikkonvojen through the desert.

All three were vital pieces in the battle group convoy section, with the walking-on courage and enthusiasm time after time ran out to ensure that there were supplies to their comrades in the camps Price and Armadillo.

All three were professional to the utmost. Go on their first deployment, they all three had taken a position on that they wanted the mission here and that they believed in the matter.

Jacob, Sebastian and Benjamin were all three victims of the enemy's cowardly way to hit us on. One way in which the three are known for.

That day they took away with the largest logistics column, which we had seen on hold 6th Mood was high, this day, although the weather was gray and dull. 
We beckoned goodbye to them as they drove through the gate, and stood with bowed head as they drove in again.

Jacob, Benjamin and Sebastian knew all three, what it was, they went in for. They knew they could come to pay the ultimate price. Yet they took the place without blinking for the task which they were trained to do.

So do we, who sit back. We are not intimidated. We are running out through the gate today, tomorrow, next month. We will not allow Jacob, Sebastian and Benjamins death be in vain.

Have honored their memory

Dutch soldier killed by roadside bomb

Sergeant Mark Weijdt
A DUTCH soldier serving in Afghanistan was killed on 19th December 2008 by a roadside bomb during a fire-fight with the Taliban.

The country's armed forces chief, General Peter van Uhm, said Sergeant Mark Weijdt, 24, died after stepping on the explosive device in the Baluchi Valley, north-east of the joint Dutch-Australia base at Tarin Kowt in the southern province of Oruzgan. Another soldier was slightly wounded.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two Danish Dragoons killed by IED

above: Jacob Gronnegaard Gade
Dan Gyde
The Danish Army Operational Command announced Friday afternoon the names of two soldiers who were killed Thursday morning in Afghanistan when their patrol was engaged in a fight.

22-year-old Konstabel Jacob Gronnegaard Gade and 29-year-old Overkonstabel Dan Gyde were killed as a result of the blast of an improvised explosive device in Gereshk, Helmand province.

Jacob Gronnegaard Gade had been in Helmand province previously in 2007 and 2008, while Dan Gyde had been deployed to Macedonia in 1999.

Dan Gyde leaves his father, mother, three sisters, his wife and a small child.

Jacob Gronnegaard Gade was unmarried and had no children. He leaves behind his mother and sister.

Both were assigned to the Jydske Dragonregiment (Jutland Dragoon Regiment).