Tuesday, May 10, 2011

British Rifleman Allan Arnold

Rifleman Allan Arnold
Rifleman Allan Arnold, aged 20, serving with the 2nd Battalion The Rifles, was found hanged in a wood in England on 2nd May 2011. He was on leave at the time and hours before the discovery, he had been socialising with civilian friends.

His friends claim that Rifleman Arnold was traumatised after seeing five of his comrades killed in action while serving in Afghanistan.

Close friend Andy Higgins, who had known Allan for six years, said he was unable to cope with losing so many close members of his regiment in Afghanistan. "I think about five of his troop were killed in Afghanistan and he couldn't cope. I hope his family have lots of support - I can't imagine what they're going through", he added.


  1. James Beacher23 May, 2011 03:03

    Well done for including this young man here. Few people can imagine the stress and anguish young soldiers suffer in combat. It is a tragedy that this young man lost his comrades in war and he suffered so much. RIP soldier. You are a hero, just like all the other fallen.

  2. I have just been posting on this website for two American soldiers who my family knew and I just happened to look at several other rememberances including British as I am originally from England. Like Mr. Beacher says the stress on these soldiers must be incredible. Rifleman Arnold gave his life to this conflict and I am grateful to be able to add my name to those honoring him.

    John Jones (Ohio)

  3. Agree entirely with James and John. This soldier deserves to be honoured like all others. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is as dangerous as the enemy these men fight. Rifleman Arnold - I salute you. And to the people who run this website, well done for adding him here. Ray Thomson (Bristol)

  4. Allan, my friend, the trauma of losing so many brothers was too much to handle, and support was nowhere to be found. I can only imagine what you must have been going through - the loss of so many who were closest to you. So you chose to leave this cruel world and join them where they are - in heaven. You are still a Hero to me, you still put your life on the line for freedom. May God Bless you richly my friend and brother.
    A Marine from Canada

  5. he wasnt able to deal with the non sense of life. We re just animals, nothing more, and when he realized it, he couldnt live anymore.

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  7. thankyou for posting this, Its nice to know that even though he didnt die in conflict, he is still remembered as a hero. the stresses of his tour and the loss of his friends are what killed my brother and no matter what he is always a hero to me x


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