The following is a list of all Australian military personnel killed in Afghanistan since 2002.

Date Name Rank Age Unit Cause
21-Oct-12 Smith, Scott Corporal 24 Special Ops Engineer IED
30-Aug-12 McDonald, Mervyn L-cpl 30 2 Commando Air crash
30-Aug-12 Galagher, Nathanael Private 23 2 Commando Air crash
29-Aug-12 Poate, Robert Private 23 6 RAR Hostile fire
29-Aug-12 Milosevic, Stjepan L-cpl 40 2nd/14th Light Horse Hostile fire
29-Aug-12 Martin, James Sapper 21 2nd Combat Engineer Hostile fire
2-Jul-12 Diddams, Blaine Sergeant 40 Special Air Service Hostile fire
25-Jun-12 Quake (Working Dog) NA 4 SOTG Hostile fire
29-Oct-11 Duffy, Bryce Captain 26 Royal Australian Artillery Hostile fire
29-Oct-11 Birt, Ashley Corporal 22 Royal Australian Engineers Hostile fire
29-Oct-11 Gavin, Luke L-cpl 27 2 RAR Hostile fire
22-Aug-11 Lambert, Matthew Private 26 2 RAR IED
4-Jul-11 Langley, Todd Sergeant 35 2 Commando Hostile fire
7-Jun-11 Robinson, Rowan Sapper 23 1st Combat Engineer Hostile fire
30-May-11 Case, Marcus Lieutenant 27 6th Aviation Regiment Air crash
30-May-11 Jones, Andrew L-cpl 25 9th Force Support Btn. Hostile fire
23-May-11 Wood, Brett Sergeant 32 2 Commando IED
19-Feb-11 Jamie Larcombe Sapper 21 1st Combat Engineer Hostile fire
2-Feb-11 Richard Atkinson Corporal 22 1st Combat Engineer IED
24-Aug-10 Jared MacKinney L-cpl 28 6 RAR Hostile fire
20-Aug-10 Thomas Dale Private 21 6 RAR IED
20-Aug-10 Grant Kirby Private 35 6 RAR IED
14-Aug-10 Jason Brown Trooper 29 Special Air Service Hostile fire
9-Jul-10 Nathan Bewes Private 23 6 RAR IED
21-Jun-10 Scott Palmer Private 27 2 Commando Air crash
21-Jun-10 Timothy Aplin Private 38 2 Commando Air crash
21-Jun-10 Benjamin Chuck Private 27 2 Commando Air crash
7-Jun-10 Jacob Moerland Sapper 21 2 Combat Engineer IED
7-Jun-10 Darren Smith Sapper 26 2 Combat Engineer IED
18-Jul-09 Benjamin Ranaudo Private 22 1 RAR IED
19-Mar-09 Brett Till Sergeant 31 IRR IED
16-Mar-09 Mathew Hopkins Corporal 21 7 RAR Hostile fire
4-Jan-09 Gregory Sher Private 30 1 Commando Hostile fire
27-Nov-08 Michael Fussell Lieutenant 25 4 RAR  IED
7-Jul-08 Sean McCarthy Signaller 25 Special Ops Task Group IED
27-Apr-08 Jason Marks L-cpl 27 4 RAR  Hostile fire
23-Nov-07 Luke Worsley Private 26 4 RAR (CDO) Hostile fire
25-Oct-07 Matthew Locke Sergeant 33 Special Air Service Hostile fire
8-Oct-07 David Pearce Trooper 41 2nd/14th Light Horse IED
16-Feb-02 Andrew Russell Sergeant 33 Special Air Service IED