Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Zealand military fatalities since 2002 in Afghanistan

New Zealand military fatalities in Afghanistan

Date Name Rank Age Unit Cause
19-Aug-12 Baker, Jacinda L-Cpl 26 Royal NZ Infantry IED
19-Aug-12 Tamatea, Luke Corporal 31 Royal NZ Infantry IED
19-Aug-12 Harris, Richard Private 21 Royal NZ Infantry IED
4-Aug-12 Malone, Rory L-Cpl 26 Royal NZ Infantry Hostile fire
4-Aug-12 Durrer, Pralli L-Cpl 26 Royal NZ Infantry Hostile fire
3-Apr-12 Hughes, Douglas Corporal 26 Royal NZ Infantry IED
28-Sep-11 Smith, Leon L-Cpl 33 SAS Hostile fire
19-Aug-11 Grant, Doug Corporal 41 SAS Hostile fire
15-Feb-11 Mila, Kirifi Private 27 Royal NZ Infantry Accident
3-Aug-10 O'Donnell, Timothy A. Lieutenant 28 Royal NZ Infantry Hostile fire

Estonian soldier killed in Afghanistan

Estonian soldier Herdis Sikka was killed by an IED.

Read Estonian ERR summary:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sergeant Herve Enaux, French 35th Infantry, killed

Sergeant Herve Enaux
A French soldier serving in Afghanistan was killed when the armoured vehicle he was travelling in fell into a ravine, military officials said. The vehicle was carrying three French soldiers when it crashed on 30th August during an operation in the Uzbeen valley, conducted with Afghan and US troops, military headquarters in Paris said in a statement. 

All three were injured and one of them, Sergeant Herve Enaux of the 35th Infantry Regiment, died as he arrived by helicopter at the French military hospital in Kabul, it said. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two Spanish officers shot dead

Jose Maria Galera Cordoba
Two Spanish Civil Guards and a translator died in Qala-e-Naw after being shot by one of their drivers as they gave a training class to Afghan police, Spain’s Interior Ministry said today.

Jose Maria Galera Cordoba, 33, a captain, from the Spanish city of Albacete, and Abraham Leoncio Bravo Picallo, 33, a second lieutenant from the Galicia region were shot at 6:20 a.m. Madrid time.

The gunman worked as a driver for the Spanish guards. Civil guards at the scene shot the gunman after the “premeditated” attack. The gunman had been initially thought to be one of the police officers being trained.

The Civil Guards were training a group of 47 Afghan policemen, as part of a unit in Afghanistan that trains local forces in a NATO mission. Both Galera and Bravo had been in Afghanistan since March and expected to return home on Sept. 22, Rubalcaba said.

We do not yet have a photo of  Lieutenant Abraham Picallo.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Australian Jared MacKinney killed in action

Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney, 28, of the Brisbane-based 6th Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment, was killed in action during an engagement with insurgents in the Deh Rawud region last Tuesday (24 August 2010).

He was deployed to Afghanistan on Operation Slipper as part of the 1st Mentoring Task Force.  

Click to read report

Monday, August 23, 2010

Two French Marines killed in gunfight

Marine Lt. Lorenzo Mezzasalma
French Marines Lieutenant Lorenzo Mezzasalma, age 43 and Corporal Jean-Nicolas Panezyck, age 25, were killed August 23, 2010, during an operation south of Tagab, Afghanistan. They died from gunshot wounds in a fierce battle with insurgents.

Corporal Jean-Nicolas Panezyck
The two men were assigned to the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hungarian Army Lieutenant, Judit Abraham

Lt. Judit Ábrahám
Hungarian Army Lieutenant, Judit Ábrahám, aged 32, was killed in action against armed Afghan insurgents on 23rd August 2010.

She was in an armoured convoy travelling to Mazar-e-Sharif from the Hungarian base in Pol-e-Khumri when they came under heavy fire.

During the battle that followed, Lt. Abraham was killed and two other soldiers injured. One of them, Warrant Officer György Kolozsvári, died later in a Hungarian hospital from his wounds.

Judit was posthumously promoted from Warrant Officer to Lieutenant.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

British soldier, Jordan Bancroft, killed in action

Lance Corporal Jordan Dean Bancroft of 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, part of Combined Force Nad 'Ali, was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday 21 August 2010.

Lance Corporal Bancroft deployed to Afghanistan in March 2010 as a Section Second-in-Command with 1 Platoon, Anzio Company, 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.

The soldiers of Anzio Company have undoubtedly improved the lives of hundreds of local Afghans during their five months in Nad 'Ali by conducting frequent joint security and reassurance patrols with their Afghan National Army colleagues.

On Saturday 21 August 2010, as part of the ongoing 'hold' and 'build' phase of Operation TOR SHEZADA in Sayedabad, central Helmand, Lance Corporal Bancroft's platoon was providing essential outer security in order for a shura to take place between ISAF troops and local village elders. Sadly, during an exchange of fire with insurgents, Lance Corporal Bancroft was shot and killed in action.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Australian Soldiers Killed in Action

Two Australian soldiers serving with the 1st Mentoring Task Force in Afghanistan have been killed in action when they were struck by an improvised explosive device (IED).

Private Thomas Dale, 21 and Private Grant Kirby, 35, were killed in action when they were struck by an IED. Both of their families have been notified and they have agreed to the release of names.

Grant Kirby (L) and Thomas Dale

Two other Australian soldiers were wounded in action in the explosion. Their wounds are not life threatening and the soldiers have contacted their families.

All of the soldiers involved in the incident are from the Brisbane based 6th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Australian soldier killed in action

Trooper Jason Brown has become the 18th Australian soldier to lose his life during operations in Afghanistan.

Twenty-nine year-old Trooper Brown from the Perth-based Special Air Service Regiment died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds sustained during an engagement with Taliban insurgents early on Saturday August 14, Australian-time.

Trooper Jason Brown, SAS
Members of his patrol provided immediate first aid and he was evacuated by helicopter to the major coalition medical facility in Kandahar. 

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of his mates and the coalition medical staff, Trooper Brown died from his wounds.

No other Australian or Afghan soldiers were wounded in the engagement.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Darren Foster, 21 Engineer Regt., killed in action

Sapper Darren Foster of 21 Engineer Regiment was killed on Friday 13 August 2010.

At 0653hrs on 13 August 2010, whilst manning a sangar in order to provide security to his colleagues in Patrol Base Sangin Fulod, Sapper Darren Foster was engaged by small arms fire and suffered a gunshot wound.

He received medical treatment on site and was evacuated by helicopter to the Bastion Role 3 Hospital where he died of his wounds.

British Gurkha killed in insurgent attack

Sapper Ishwor Gurung from 69 Gurkha Field Squadron, 21 Engineer Regiment, was killed in Afghanistan on Friday 13 August 2010.

On 13 August 2010, whilst constructing a new sangar to increase the protection and security of the soldiers at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Shahzad in south west Helmand province, Sapper Ishwor Gurung's Troop came under insurgent attack and he was caught in insurgent fire. Despite the best efforts of his Troop to save his life, Sapper Ishwor was killed in action.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gurkha killed at Bahadur

Rifleman Remand Kulung, from G (Tobruk) Company, 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire), attached to the Danish Battle Group, died on Thursday 12 August 2010 of wounds sustained in Afghanistan.

In the early hours of 10 August 2010, a Chinook helicopter was conducting a resupply at Patrol Base Bahadur. Part of the helicopter came into contact with a sangar near to an accommodation area where Rifleman Remand was resting.

The sangar collapsed and Rifleman Remand sustained serious injuries. He was evacuated to Bastion Role 3 hospital before subsequently being moved to the United Kingdom for further treatment.

At 1258hrs on 12 August 2010, Rifleman Remand Kulung died of his injuries in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, with his family present.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

British Officer, John Sanderson dies from wounds

Lt. John Sanderson
The Ministry of Defence confirms that Lieutenant John Charles Sanderson of 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire) [1 MERCIAN], attached to 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles Battle Group, died on Wednesday 11 August 2010.

Lt Sanderson was wounded in an explosion whilst on patrol in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province on 13 July 2010.

He was treated at the scene before being flown to the UK for further treatment.
On Wednesday 11 August 2010, surrounded by his family, he finally succumbed to his injuries.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aid worker, Daniela Beyer

Name: Daniela Beyer
Age: 35
Nationality: German
Organisation: International Assistance Mission
Location: Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Date: 06 August 2010
Cause: Executed (shot) by Taliban extremists

New York optometrist, Tom Little, killed in Afghanistan

In the remote rural villages of Afghanistan, the big-hearted New Yorker was known simply as Mr. Tom.

For more than three decades, opthamologist Tom Little made his home and did his work in the war-torn nation, raising three daughters while treating thousands of needy patients each year.
Little, who survived the 1979 war with the Russians and exile by the Taliban in 2001, was shot to death while heading home after a humanitarian mission in northern Afghanistan.

British doctor, Karen Woo, shot dead by Taliban

Doctor Karen Woo

A British doctor who quit her job in the UK to help civilians in Afghanistan has been murdered by the Taliban, two weeks before she was due to get married.

Dr Karen Woo, 36, and nine other volunteers were killed after they delivered medical supplies to the lawless province of Nuristan in the north-east of the country.

The former London hospital surgeon, six Americans, a German and an Afghan were lined up and shot one after the other by a ten-strong gang armed with AK-47 rifles.

Their abandoned bodies were discovered beside the bullet-riddled remains of their three 4x4s in the neighbouring province of Badakhshan. Their passports and all their belongings had been stolen. 
Read more about Karen at the Karen Woo Foundation

American aid worker, Glen Lapp murdered by Taliban

Glen D.Lapp, a 40-year-old nurse from Lancaster, was one of a group of 10 charity aid workers executed by Taliban in Nuristan province. He had been in Afghanistan for nearly two years. Though trained as a nurse, Lapp managed logistics for the International Assistance Mission, a Kabul-based Christian charity that organized the trip. An official with the group said it was authorized to treat people in the Parun valley for eye diseases. 

Glen Lapp

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aid worker, Tom Grams

Name: Tom Grams
Age: 51
Nationality: American
Organisation: International Assistance Mission
Location: Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Date: 06 August 2010
Cause: Executed (shot) by Taliban extremists

Aid worker, Brian Carderelli

Name: Brian Carderelli
Age: 25
Nationality: American
Organisation: International Assistance Mission
Location: Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Date: 06 August 2010
Cause: Executed (shot) by Taliban extremists

Aid worker, Cheryl Beckett

Name: Cheryl Beckett
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Organisation: International Assistance Mission
Location: Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Date: 6 August 2010
Cause: Executed (shot) by Taliban extremists

Aid worker Dan Terry

Name: Dan Terry
Age: 63
Nationality: American
Organisation: International Assistance Mission
Location: Badakhshan, Afghanistan
Date: 06 August 2010
Cause: Executed (shot) by Taliban extremists

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two Danish soldiers killed in IED blast

Two Danish soldiers were killed and three others were injured, two of them seriously, in a bomb attack in the southern Helmand province in Afghanistan on 7th August 2010.

A Danish tank on patrol hit a roadside bomb about six kilometres (four miles) northeast of the town of Gereshk.

The two soldiers were both serving with the Danish Royal Life Guards.
They are:

Erik Rolandsen, age 26, (pictured top left) and
Jimmi Petersen, age 28 (pictured bottom left)

There are some 750 Danish troops in NATO's International Security Assistance Force. Most are in Helmand province under British command.

Thirty-four Danish soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since the deployment began.

Polish Army soldier, Private Dariusz Tyleda

Private Dariusz Tyleda
Polish Army soldier, Private Dariusz Tyleda, was killed on 6th August 2010 from the blast of an imporovised explosive device (IED).

Pvt. Tyleda, aged 31, served with the Goldap Ant-aircraft Battalion. Whilst on patrol with his unit in Ghazni province, a bomb was detonated by insurgents and then the unit came under enemy fire.

Five other soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Pvt. Tyleda leaves a wife and child.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kiwi soldier killed in action

Timothy O'Donnell
Lieutenant Timothy Andrew O’Donnell, 28, was killed when the Provincial Reconstruction Team (NZPRT) was attacked in Bamiyan province.

An improvised explosive device, or IED, was detonated then the patrol came under fire from rocket-propelled grenades and other small arms.

Lt O’Donnell, from Feilding, had served in the Defence Force for five years and had been honoured for his bravery during a skirmish in East Timor.

Lt O’Donnell received a Distinguished Service Decoration award in the 2008 New Year’s Honours for his services in East Timor between November 2006 and May 2007.

Two other personnel were injured in the attack; their injuries described as “serious, but not life-threatening” by defence chief Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lance Sergeant Dale Alanzo McCallum

Dale McCallum
Lance Sergeant Dale Alanzo McCallum of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards was killed in Afghanistan on Sunday 1st August 2010.

Lance Sergeant McCallum, who was serving as part of Combined Force Lashkar Gah, was killed by small arms fire whilst commanding his men in an operation to provide security for local Afghan nationals in the Lashkar Gah district of Helmand province.

At approximately 1320 hours, the sangar at his checkpoint came under effective enemy fire from insurgent forces. Lance Sergeant McCallum quickly moved to the sangar and as he was moving into a position to engage the insurgents he received a fatal gunshot wound.

British Commando, Adam Brown, killed

Marine Adam Brown, from 40 Commando Royal Marines, serving as part of Combined Force Sangin, was killed in Afghanistan on Sunday 1 August 2010.

Marine Brown was conducting a reassurance patrol as part of 3 Troop, Alpha Company, to provide security for the locals in the area.

At approximately 1750hrs on Sunday 1 August, there was an explosion in the vicinity of his patrol base and Marine Brown was killed instantly in the blast.