Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Korean Sergeant Yoon Jang-ho

Sergeant Yoon Jang-ho
Sergeant Yoon Jang-ho, aged 27, of Korea's Dasan Engineering Unit in Afghanistan was killed by a suicide bomber on 27th February 2007. He only had two months left of his tour. 

He was the first Korean soldier to have been killed in a terror attack overseas since the Vietnam War. 

Sgt. Yoon, who went to study in the U.S. at middle school age, was remembered as saying the only way to fulfill his obligation to his hardworking parents was to study hard. 

At university in the U.S., he earned his upkeep by working as a waiter. He returned home on graduation to fulfill his mandatory military service. There, he volunteered to serve in Afghanistan, from where he regularly sent some of his pay to his parents.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Female Spanish soldier, Idoia Bujan, killed by IED

Idoia Rodríguez Buján
A female Spanish soldier has been killed in a blast near Shindand, Herat province. She is the first Spanish fatality in 2007. She also becomes the first woman Spanish soldier to lose her life while on a peace mission.

She is 23 year old Idoia Rodríguez Buján from Lugo, and was with the Light Air Transport Brigade – BRILAT - , based in Figueirido, Pontevedra, which has more than 300 women assigned to it.

She was travelling in a convoy of five armoured ambulances which was hit by a powerful mine blast on 21st February.