Sunday, May 15, 2011

British Army Private Mark Connolly

Private Mark Connolly, aged 24, serving with the British Army Black Watch died on Saturday 14th May 2011 after a fight in a German bar.

Pvt. Connolly had served in Afghanistan and had survived a bomb blast while serving there.

Two fellow Black Watch soldiers were arrested over the fight which erupted after an argument about football.

Specialist detectives from the British Army Special Investigation Branch have been drafted in to investigate the death.

A colleague of Pvt. Connolly told reporters: "A lot of drink was taken and a minor disagreement about football blew up. Two of Mark's so-called comrades gave him a beating. He survived the Taliban but then dies at the hands of men who are supposed to be his mates."


  1. James Beacher23 May, 2011 03:00

    This incident is indeed a tragedy. This young man served in Afghanistan only to be killed by his own comrades in a dumb argument. It's good that he has been included on this website.

  2. yes this is my son ,he deserved alot better than this ive lost my son my hero , how could anyone do this to my boy .he had his whole life ahead of him till this person took his he leaves behind 3 brothers a grieving mother and stepdad , how could this person do this over a damn argument over football, ill never forgive him , justice will be served for my son mark connolly , i miss him more than anything in the world, if i were the judge id give him life , cause my son isnt coming back this should be the same for the guy that done this ill fight for my son

  3. My Lovely Nephew who didnt do anything but love his family and served his country well,he allways had a smile on his face whenever you saw him,had nice manners,it saddens me that in this day and age things are happening like this over football,i hope justice is served as they are able to still lead a life and my sister has lost her son and i a wonderful nephew.

  4. thanks sis , yes its terrible, he meant the world to me ,you bring youre kids ,into this life ,to raise them up to be good , and look at this ,my son would do anything for anyone , he didnt deserve to die , especially this way, and over football,my god !! i cannot recall mark ever having an interest ,in football, i dont understand , but when the army guys get together , they change , but its ridiculous , that someone , a mate supposed to be ,did this , these soldiers are meant to stick together a band of brothers , why did this happen to my boy, he had a good heart, i dont know how that soldier ,can live with this , what he has done to me , his brothers all that knew him , i want them to lock him up for life and throw away the key .

  5. i think his mother has suffered the most she gave birth to him if his widow loved him as much as she says she does then why is she still holding on to him and not getting that poor lad buried she is just a selfish being no wife does that its truly sad she do this i am on his mothers side all the way what a poor woman she is a mothers love is real and no one can take that away ,his widow is young she can get over this his mother wont

  6. poor soldier my heart goes out to his mother , she has endoured such pain after losing her son such a tragedy, i really feel for her , she obviously loved him dearly , and is only wanting what her son wanted ,i dont think its right for his widow to act the way she has towards marks mother he will be looking down on her and i know as i have sons too that the sons love their mothers so much ,he always came to see her and its such a shame she has suffered let his mother rest her son its the most decent thing to do

  7. i have read the news of this tragic event although the soldier was married ,he left his mother execator ive never came across anything like this before , i think its the execators job to see he gets a decent buriel and im sure his mother will do that , some harsh words from his widow , i see this as a one sided story why hasnt his mother had her say ? its sad there is always two sides to a story we have only seen his widows .i really think this lad should be rested its shocking that this has gone on for this length of time why is his widow acting like this? stopping the lads funeral surley she wants to see her husband laid to sleep in peace , she should sit back and let his mother and brother do the right thing!!!


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