Tuesday, January 4, 2011

POLAND Military Fatalities in Afghanistan

List of Polish military fatalities in Afghanistan since 2007

Date Name Rank Age Unit Cause

20-Mar Ordynski, Pawel Private 1st 29 12th Mechanized Brigade IED
23-Jan Woźniak, Krzysztof Captain 36 Special Forces (GROM) Hostile fire

22-Dec Biskup, Zbigniew Sergeant 35 Air-Assault Group
21-Dec Ciesielski, Piotr Jr Ensign 33 20th Mechanised Brigade IED
21-Dec Krawiec, Lukasz Sergeant 24 20th Mechanised Brigade IED
21-Dec Szczurowski, Marcin Sergeant 30 20th Mechanised Brigade IED
21-Dec Tomala, Marek Sergeant 25 20th Mechanised Brigade IED
21-Dec Banach, Krystian Sergeant 22 20th Mechanised Brigade IED
23-Oct Deptula, Mariusz Private 1st 28 15th Giżycko Mechanized IED
04-Oct Nowakowski, Rafal L-Corporal 30 17th Wielkopolska Mechanised IED
18-Aug Sitarczuk, Szymon Sr Corporal 28 17th Wielkopolska Mechanised IED
28-Jul Poświat, Paweł L-Corporal 29 17th Wielkopolska Mechanised IED
02-Jun Mackowiak, Jaroslaw Sr Corporal 27 17th Wielkopolska Mechanised Hostile fire
27-Apr Staniaszek, Pawel Private 1st 29 2nd Mazovians Engineers IED
03-Apr Spychala, Bartosz WO 39 1st Special Commando
22-Jan Pastusiak, Marcin Private 1st 26 Military Police IED
22-Jan Knap , Marcin Medic 34 Medical Service IED

14-Oct Borzyszkowski, Adam Private 1st 28 1 Air Cavalry Mortar attack
27-Sep Kasprzak, Kazimierz Sergeant 32 Polish Army IED
06-Aug Tylenda, Dariusz Private 1st 31 Polish Army IED
26-Jun Stypula,Pawel Corporal 26 2nd Sapper Brigade IED
15-Jun Bukowski, Grzegorz Private 1st 29 Military Police RPG attack
12-Jun Górka Milosz, Aleksander Corporal 25 25th Air Cavalry Brigade Hostile fire

19-Dec Kolek, Michal Private 1st 22 Not reported Hostile fire
09-Oct Graczyk, Szymon Private 1st 23 5 Engineer Regt. IED
09-Oct Szyszkiewicz, Radoslaw Private 1st 22 5 Engineer Regt. IED
11-Sep Marciniak, Piotr Private 1st 30 6th Airborne Hostile fire
09-Sep Pyc, Artur Private 1st 28 18 Air Assault IED
04-Sep Poręba, Marcin Platoon ldr 32 Not Yet Reported IED
10-Aug Ambrozinski, Daniel Captain 32 1st Air Assault Cavalry Hostile fire
10-Feb Rozmiarek, Andrzej WO 35 12th Mechanized Brigade Accident

20-Aug Brodzikowski, Pawel Private 1st 25 2nd Mazovians Engineers Hostile fire
20-Aug Sujdak, Waldemar Sr Corporal 28 2nd Mazovians Engineers IED
20-Aug Szwed, Pawel Private 1st 27 2nd Mazovians Engineers IED
20-Jun Marczewski, Robert Lieutenant 28 Assault Battalion Suicide bomb
08-Apr Politowski, Grzegorz Private 1st 26 5th Engineering Regt. IED
26-Feb Kowalewski, Hubert Private 1st 26 10th Armoured Cavalry IED
26-Feb Slowik, Szymon Corporal Snr 33 16th Air Assault Batt. IED

14-Aug Kurowski, Lukasz Lieutenant 28 Not reported Hostile fire

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