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US Military fatalities Afghanistan - September 2011

List of U.S Military fatalities for September 2011 in Afghanistan

Date Name Rank Age Unit

28-Sep Siercks, Billy J. Sgt. 1st 32 10th Mountain
28-Sep Butz, James A. Spc. 21 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
28-Sep Sprovtsoff, Nicholas A. Staff Sgt. 28 Marine Corps
28-Sep Diaz, Christopher Sergeant 27 Marine Corps
28-Sep Lechowich, Ivan D. 1st Lt. 27 5th Engineer Battalion
28-Sep Gutowski, Steven E. Spc. 24 5th Engineer Battalion
28-Sep Drake, David A. Pfc. 21 5th Engineer Battalion
28-Sep Iannelli, Ryan K. 1st Lt. 27 Marine Air Group
28-Sep Wimpey Cagle, John R. L-Cpl. 19 2nd Marine Division
26-Sep Fant, Garrett A. Spc. 21 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment
25-Sep Zermeno, Andres 1st Lt. 26 10th Mountain
25-Sep Briseno-Alvarez Jr, Francicsco J. Spc. 27 Oklahoma National Guard
24-Sep Holtz, Tyler N. Sergeant 22 75th Ranger Regiment
24-Sep Watson, Franklin N. L-Cpl. 21 Marine Corps
23-Sep Bigai Baez, Rafael E. Sergeant 28 10th Mountain
23-Sep Aparicio, Carlos A. Pfc. 19 10th Mountain
21-Sep Wright, Terry L-Cpl. 21 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment
21-Sep Roelli, Jakob J. Spc. 24 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment
21-Sep Dyas, Robert E.  Spc. 21 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment
18-Sep Sayne, Timothy D. Sergeant 31 5th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment
18-Sep Cook, Ryan J. Spc. 29 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment
18-Sep Clark, Chazray C. Spc. 24 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment
17-Sep Eppinger Jr., Garrick L. Sergeant 25 395th Ordnance Company
17-Sep Hosey, Michael W. Staff Sgt. 27 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group
15-Sep Prince, Mycal L. Sergeant 28 Oklahoma National Guard
15-Sep Dutcher, Michael J. Corporal 22 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment
14-Sep Rodriguez Jr, Rodolpho Sergeant 26 3rd Battalion, 21st Infantry Regiment
13-Sep Adams, Danial R. Sgt. 1st 35 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group
10-Sep Quintana, Daniel A. Staff Sgt. 30 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment
10-Sep Rudd, Keith F. Staff Sgt. 36 82nd Airborne Division
09-Sep Wood, Brett E. Pfc. 19 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment
09-Sep Lundy, Brian K. PO 25 US Navy
09-Sep Isenhower, Bret D. Sergeant 26 Oklahoma National Guard
09-Sep Horton, Christopher D. Spc. 26 Oklahoma National Guard
09-Sep Potter Jr., Tony J. Pfc. 20 Oklahoma National Guard
08-Sep Contreras, Koran P. Spc. 21 10th Mountain
08-Sep Jeffries Jr, Douglas J. Pfc. 20 10th Mountain
04-Sep Marquis, Christophe J. Pfc. 40 1st Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment
03-Sep Scott, Christopher J. Spc. 21 101st Airborne Division
02-Sep Stoda, Chester G. Corporal 32 8th Engineer Battalion

United States military fatalities 2011

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