Friday, March 25, 2011

British soldier, Lance Sergeant Mark Terence Burgan

L-Sgt. Burgan
Lance Sergeant Mark Terence Burgan, aged 28, was killed on 23rd March 2011 by an improvised explosive device after returning from an operation supporting the Afghan National Army. The incident happened in Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand.

Lance Sergeant Burgan came from Liverpool, and joined the 1st Battalion Irish Guards in 1999. He served on Operations in Northern Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He rose to the rank of Lance Sergeant, joined the Battalion Signals Platoon, becoming a Signals Detachment Commander.

He was serving with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

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  1. Leanne (Ryan Tomlin's cousin)08 March, 2012 10:36

    R.I.P Mark. You are and always will be a true hero. Mine and your family have become friends now... Ryan was taken away from us just like you were taken from your family. We have come together to remember you both as the truly great hero's that you are. Your Dad is a really lovely man and your sisters are lovely too. They are all very proud of you Mark, everyone is, just like we all are proud of Ryan.

    Goodnight and sleep tight mate.

    We may not of known eachother in this life but hopefully i will get to meet the brave hero i have heard so much about in heaven... our Ryan might introduce us :)



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