Wednesday, July 13, 2011

French Paratroop officer, Lt. Thomas Gauvin

French Army officer, Lieutenant Thomas Gauvin, age 27, was one of five French soldiers killed on 13th July 2011 while attending a meeting with village elders in the village of Joybar, Kapisa province. They were all killed when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb.

Lt. Gauvin, from Caen, served with the 1st Parachute Regiment (Chasseurs). In September 2005, he began studying at the French Military Academy - Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr - where he was top of his class. In August 2008, he joined the Parachute Regiment.

In 2010, he deployed to Central African Republic and deployed to Afghanistan on 6th May 2011. Lt. Gauvin holds the Bronze Medal of National Defense (Airborne Troops) button. He leaves his wife.


  1. Adieu camarade

  2. James Beacher15 July, 2011 09:39

    RIP soldier. I didn't know you but I will remember you.

  3. Adieu mon ami


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