Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Danish Army Konstabel Alexander Biune

23-year-old Danish Army Konstabel Alexander Biune was killed in Helmand province on 10th July 2011 by the blast from a roadside bomb. He died in a military field hospital in Camp Bastion after being airlifted by helicopter.

Konstabel Biune served with the Jutland Dragoons based at Holstebro. He joined the army in February 2010.

Head of Danish Battlegroup, Colonel Jens Riis, said of Konstabel Biune: "He trusted himself and everyone felt safe when he took the lead. He lead his mates through perilous areas and did it with a conviction that he was better than anyone. He did until this tragic day for all of us."

Konstabel Biune leaves his parents, his girlfriend and two siblings.


  1. James Beacher15 July, 2011 09:40

    RIP soldier. I didn't know you but I will remember you.

  2. Peter Laustsen21 July, 2011 07:15

    RIP - Thank you for your sacrifice. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, comrades and friends.


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