Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Italian soldier, Luca Sanna

Luca Sanna
An Italian soldier was killed in a firefight in the northwestern Afghanistan on Tuesday, the 36th to die since Italy's mission began in 2004, defence minister Ignazio La Russa said.

The soldier, Luca Sanna, was hit in the head and died immediately from his injuries during an insurgent attack on an advance base in the Bala Murghab Valley.

"Sanna's assailant was wearing an Afghan soldier's uniform and managed to find an excuse to get up close to the base," La Russa said.

"This was not a friendly fire incident. The attacker pretended he needed help cleaning his gun as it had jammed, and so was able to open fire on the soldiers before escaping," said La Russa.

A colleague of Sanna's from the Highlander advance base was wounded in the shoulder in the gun battle but was said to be in a stable condition.

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