Sunday, March 3, 2013

French Para Veteran of Afghanistan Killed in Action in Mali

26-year-old French Paratroop Corporal C├ędric Charenton was killed in action during operations in Mali on 2nd March 2013. Cpl. Charenton had previously served in Afghanistan. He is the third French soldier to die in Mali during the current operation.

The incident happened as French and Chadian troops assaulted enemy positions in the Ametettai Valley - about 50 miles from Tessalit. During the assault, 12 insurgents were killed, several vehicles destroyed and three large caches of weapons and explosives were discovered and seized by French Forces.

Cpl. Charenton, who served with the elite Airborne Infantry 1st Regiment, was hit by small-arms fire. He had previously served in New Caledonia and Gabon, as well as Afghanistan.

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