Thursday, November 17, 2011

British Army Lance Corporal Peter Eustace

British Army Lance Corporal Peter Eustace from 2nd Battalion The Rifles (2 RIFLES) was killed in action in Helmand province 16th November 2011 when an insurgent bomb detonated while he was on patrol.

L-Cpl. Eustace joined the Army in 2004. He flourished on operations and showed the dependability, courage and quickness of mind for which he became known. His rich qualities made him a natural choice to undertake a Junior Non Commissioned Officer (JNCO) selection cadre, which he passed with ease in March 2009.

He deployed to Afghanistan in April 2011 and had previously served in Iraq.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Wright MBE, Commanding Officer 2 RIFLES, paid tribute to L-Cpl. Eustace: "After two very demanding operational tours, the first fighting on the streets of Basra on Operation TELIC 9 and the latter showing nerves of steel and huge courage in the IED laden alleyways around FOB Wishtan on Operation HERRICK 10, he had nothing left to prove as a warrior. He was one of those men you can completely rely on when things get tough."

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