Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hussar from Denmark dies in IED explosion

Mads Rasmussen, Danish Hussar Regt.
The Acting Head of the Danish Battle Group, Lieutenant Colonel Jens Ole Rossen-Jørgensen, writes: 

Wednesday 17 June was a very sad day for the Danish battalion in Helmand since the course of the morning was incontrovertibly clear to us that we had suffered our first loss to Team 7 Three talented soldiers, friends and colleagues were with a torn from us and their loved ones in the most relentless and brutal fashion after being hit by a vejsidebombe.

We sit back down here, thoughtful and deeply concerned at having lost three of our comrades and all our thoughts go in this tragedy home to our fallen comrades' families and friends whose loss is irreplaceable, and whose sorrow we feel and share.

Mads Lerche Rasmussen was outgoing and frank, and could charm through to everyone he spoke with. He was also temperamental, but as fast as he was up in the red box, just as quickly he was back in his usual sociable and charming style. He was incredibly vellidt among his friends and colleagues and highly respected for his skills as a soldier, especially as jet shuttle.

Over all the earth Mads loved his car, which he spent much time and money on, so it could be just as he wanted it. Mads was pronounced B-man, big fan of Manchester and forgudede his sister, whose picture he had hanging beside his bed.

Mads resigned as konstabelelev by Gardehusarregimentet and began by Stab company in 1 Armored Infantry Battalion, 1 November 2006. He was appointed konstabel 1 August 2007 and then transferred to 1 Mechanized infantry company in the same battalion. From June to August 2008 was Mads released for the first time when he came in and filled a hole in the Fenris-company on hold 5 in Afghanistan.

1 October 2008 tilgik Mads scout section of the company and staff were deployed in February 2009 with Team 7 to Helmand in Afghanistan in the light detecting section under Staff and Logistics Company.

Mads was 21 years. He leaves his parents and sister.

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