Friday, June 18, 2010

French Parachute Hussar officer killed

French Brigadier, Steeve COCOLI, 1st Parachute Hussar Regiment Tarbes, was killed and an Afghan civilian and seriously wounded an insurgent indirect fire that struck the position advanced combat (Combat outpost - COP ) Hutnik Tagab Valley in Kapisa. 

Steeve COCOLI, 1st Parachute Hussar
By early evening , an indirect fire hit the COP Hutnik where about 150 French soldiers deployed . A French military has been very seriously injured . An Afghan civilian working as an interpreter with the French forces , was also seriously injured .

The French military and Afghan civilian were evacuated by helicopter to the French military hospital in Kabul where the French military has succumbed to his injuries . He belonged to the 1st Parachute Hussar Regiment of Tarbes.

CATF Surobi and Afghan kandaks operate from forward combat positions ( COP - Combat outpost ) Hutnik ( formerly COP 46) and 51 which were built through the joint efforts of the brigade La Fayette , particularly the FT Altor which arms the CATF Surobi since January , and Afghan security forces of the 3rd Brigade.

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