Monday, August 18, 2008

French Para, Alexis Taani killed in Taliban firefight

Alexis Taani, 20, was killed during a Taliban ambush in the Uzbin Valley on 18th August 2008. Nine other French soldiers lost their lives with a further 21 wounded when around 100 Taliban fighters ambushed a French patrol 50 kilometers from the Afghan capital, Kabul. 

Alexis Taani
The quick reaction force came to the rescue with the support of close air. The fight lasted through the night and into the following day. Eight of the fallen soldiers were from the 8e RĂ©giment Parachutiste d Infanterie de Marine (8th Marine Parachute Infantry).

Alexis, from Hautes-Alpes, enlisted into the French Military and was posted to his current unit last December, where he had been employed as a radio operator.

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