Friday, July 25, 2008

IED kills Danish soldier

CH for the Danish battalion in Helmand, Col. Jens Lønborg 
OKS Jesper Gilbert Petersen was killed Friday morning in battle with the Taliban up north of For-ward Operating Base ATTAL in the Upper Gereshk Valley. An excellent soldier and good colleague was so brutally torn from us.

In this difficult hour our thoughts go to the Gilberts family and friends. The grief they feel right now, we feel, too. 
Although it can not bring Gilbert back, we will find solace in anyway to know that home in Denmark doing all it can to support now and in the difficult time to come.

Gilbert was part of our kampvognsdeling LOKE. He has been a very important part of bataljonens heaviest weapons. Numerous are the times in which Gilbert and the rest of LOKE has been our life up on the High Ground and virtually every time the units have been in battle in the green zone, they have been there to insert the firepower that has been a of-gørende help for the units on the ground.

Gilbert was an experienced soldier with several broadcasts behind and put always an honour in that there were house in order. One could always come to him after a good advice on even the smallest detail in his street. Gilbert, with its quiet and calm being, and always good humour will be sadly missed by all who had the privilege to know him.

Kampvognsdeling and crew 
Kampvognsdelingen LOKE have lost a friend. Jesper Pedersen Gilbert fell in the battle 25.juli, 2008 in the Upper Gereshk Valley. Gilbert was a clever kampvognsmand and a real soldier. He was a vellidt member of the crew of 2'er corner and a running, we could always count on; "First the horse - the man later!" Said Gilbert, and there were things in order. His knowledge in its field and ability to remember even the detail made him to it, came to the advice, and he was always ready to help. Gilbert was a quiet and calm man, never bad-tempered, and all who knew Gilbert as a friend, will miss his dutiful creature and his warm smile.

ISAF 5 was Gilberts third and final mission. The evening before the 25.juli he talked about his plans for a second deployment in the same function. Gilbert was professional and aware of the risk associated with the broadcast - he unfortunately paid the highest price the other day. He was a little man but a great soldier and he is missing.

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