Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Spanish soldiers killed in Helicopter crash

16th Aug. 2005: 17 Spanish peacekeepers were killed when a helicopter crashed during training in western Afghanistan. Five soldiers were also wounded when a second Spanish helicopter taking part in the exercise made an emergency landing as the first one plunged to the ground near the main western city of Herat.

The aircraft, a Cougar, came down in the province of Herat, "in a very mountainous region, although the impact occurred on flat ground. It is unclear whether the crash was an accident or the result of a terrorist attack.

Taliban militants in June shot down a US helicopter in eastern Afghanistan, killing all 16 aboard. But western Afghanistan, where the latest crash happened, is regarded as much more peaceful.

Pictured left are 8 of the fatalities: Cpl. Daniel Fernandez; Cpl. Gonzalo Nazara; Pvt. Isaac Pineiro; Pvt. Pedro de Veira; Pvt. Ivan Nunez; Pvt. Jesus Rivera; Pvt. Pablo Sanchez; Jose Parada.

The soldiers were all members of the 4th Helicopter Battalion and the Light Infantry, 29th Air Mobile Brigade.

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